The Summers Life

Brunch at PourHouse Gastown

Did you know the word Breakfast comes from Breaking Fast?

There is no better way to finish off the weekend than to wake up in the morning, get dressed and be ready to eat! The sun was shinning through the kitchen window as I rustled up the kids to get them out of their Pj’s and head down to Pourhouse Restaurant in Gastown. We went to try out some new additions to their brunch menu and listen to live music.

We broke our fast with some pineapple juice for the kids, a pot of Irish breakfast tea for myself and a pot of freshly brewed coffee for Tyler. As for food we had scotch egg which the kids surprisingly gobbled up, the spicy mayo was on the side which helped, and carrot cake bombolini, that one barely made it to the table before it disappeared. Safe to say, both items were a hit with the kids.

For mains, Iola had the French toast-rum and pineapple flavoured (the rum was cooked off). Mr Remington loves a classic, the double baked bacon was so thick and juicy. Pourhouse cure all the meat in house which they source from a local supplier, Two Rivers Meat, based in North Vancouver.
Tyler went for the Steak & eggs, flat iron style and I tried the veggie hash. The veggie hash was full of flavour but not over powering with the aubergine, I never got round to tasting the steak and eggs but I did try the bacon from Remy’s dish and once Iola had declared she was ‘bao bao’ (full in cantonese). Remy and I proceeded to ‘pick’ (read, clean up) her decadent, sweet French toast.

As we finished up our meals, the assonance of music filled the air and continued out onto the street through the roll up, garage style window. We walked away with our bellies full and ready for adventure.