The Summers Life

Nest Designs

Our recent discovery of the softest sleep wear and apparel around, from a company right here in Vancouver!

The Benefits of Cloth Diapers

It is my 3rd round of using cloth diapers. If you are thinking of making the switch to cloth, here are the pros and cons that we considered.

Top Most Used Baby Items

Being a first time parent is daunting, heck becoming a parent anytime is enough of a big deal itself. Here is a list of items we found useful.

Top 5 Must Have’s For Baby!

Reflecting on the baby gear that I have had and used through the years while I wait for the arrival of baby no.3. Which items I would deem necessary and which ones have continuously served us since baby no.1.

Date Night at Jules Bistro in Gastown

Jules Bistro is tucked away on Abbot Street in Gastown and is made noticeable by a bright yellow patio umbrella and bushy green shrubs that frame the classic glass-paned windows.

Our latest commercial is out

Our kids naturally fell into the commercial world due to my partner and I going out for auditions. When Remy came along, we would bring him with us, and casting agents took notice of his funny banter.