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Have you ever heard of a Charity Allowance?
CHIMP = Charity Allowance

Founder John Bromley & one of his son’s. Photo by Valerie

Founder John Bromley & one of his son’s.
Photo by Valerie


CHIMP–comes from the words charity and impact.

The kids and I were invited down Circus Play Cafe for some delicious treats, entertainment and an info session from the founder himself.

If you have been to Circus Play Cafe, you will know it is one for the rainy days. The kids were thoroughly entertained by the play structures but to make it even better, the Vancouver Aquarium was also there with some sea molluscs and urchins!

Once the kids were fully settled in and the adults with their choice of hot beverage in hand, we got down to business on learning what CHIMP is all about.


Founder John Bromley Photo by Valerie

Founder John Bromley
Photo by Valerie

It is exactly what you think, a charity allowance.

How CHIMP works is like any bank account but specifically for charity, you put money into your account and you choose who you want to donate to and when you want to.
Donate to a charity that you care about, by yourself or with others, or even with your school/company.

Once you set up your free account and deposit money into it, you will immediately get sent a tax receipt. The money is kept in your account at no charge. Find a cause you feel passionate about, select it from the list of charities or if they are not on the list, CHIMP will reach out to the organisation to send the money. If for some reason they are not successful, you will be notified and the money will return to your account. Simple!

We all want to teach our kids the gift of giving, not just for joy but to help others too. John hit the nail on the head with this one, we often talk about it in passing with our children but how do we take the talk and put it into action in a way to educate the future generations of entrepreneurs and leaders?


Remington, age 6 Photo by Valerie

Remington, age 6
Photo by Valerie

How do we implement this with our kids, you ask? I couldn’t tell you exactly, but I can tell you how I plan to with my six-year old. He often asks about the homeless on the street, and this opens the conversation of mental health, job security, bills and responsibility. To appreciate the toys and why we do not need yet another Beyblade. This gives us the opportunity to talk about the environment, recycling, not to be wasteful and opting for eco substitutes when given the choice. This in the past has led us to donating toys, but does not remove the stigma of giving away something new and unused. By giving him a charity allowance he is able to see the monetary value (online) and opens up the dialogue with us about causes that he cares about. This not only creates a learning environment but something that we can do together even as a family.

I remember for his first birthday (Before he had a choice.) We asked guests to donate a book to someone in need, leaving the rest up to them. Not the best solution I have to say but had I known about CHIMP, it is definitely the way I would have gone. Having a CHIMP account now means we can ask guests to contribute to his account. Even better we can donate money to the Birthday person and get them started with their own CHIMP account! 

Iola, age 3 Photo by Valerie

Iola, age 3
Photo by Valerie