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Cozy-Dry Baby Rain Cover


100% waterproof, breathable, lightweight and warm, need I say more?

The perfect winter accessory for you and your baby.

How it started

Several years ago, my family and I worked with Jan and Jul on photo campaigns and some product testing and out of the gates, their outwear and accessories were a hit with my kids.


I remember going to the office with Iola and baby Kovah aka my kangaroo baby, and at the time, it was early spring which meant I needed multiple bags to carry all my weather dependent gear. Along with my baby carrier I had a carrier cover which I used for my previous babies and it came everywhere with me due to its functionality.

Serving its primary purpose of keeping the baby warm, it could also be thrown over the car seat without obstructing carseat buckles, used as a jacket to shield them when transporting them to and from the car, and as a cover for when in the stroller.

It was arguably the most used baby item in my quiver of essential supplies, however the challenge was that it wasn’t waterproof or lightweight.

In an industry where accessories are constantly being upgraded with introductions to new models every month it seems, you would think that finding a waterproof cover for you and your baby would be easy. Surprisingly there were two options to choose from and neither were 100% waterproof.

This is where the idea for The Cozy-Dry Baby Rain Cover came to fruition.

All Season Comfort

Now that the cooler weather is upon us, the question is how to dress your baby for winter.

The Cozy-Dry Baby Rain cover has a 100% waterproof shell that is PVC & fluorine free. Great for the rainy day hikes or for quick school run trips. The Cozy-Dry Baby Rain cover is made with light weight wind and water proof material, has a built in hood, kangaroo pockets to keep your hands toasty and comes in two colour ways.

Easy to Clean and Use


The waterproof shell has Bionic-Finish® technology from Germany, this makes cleaning a dream. Adjustable straps and buckles make it easy to attach to any carrier, stroller and car seat. The fleece lining repels moisture and gives that extra warmth without the bulk so your kiddo can regulate body temperature naturally. As layering is always best, hats, mittens and boots can all be tended to easily as the cover is a breeze to remove and re-attach.


Built in Safety Features

One of my favourite Jan and Jul brand features is the reflective strips, especially on those grey rainy days when you will be using the cover day in and day out. Reflective piping is incorporated into the hood of the carrier and can be seen with the hood up or down, as well as on the kangaroo pocket where your hands can rest comfortably on baby’s back.

I consider zippered pockets a safety feature for parents as we need a secure place for the essentials: keys, phone and wallet. Knowing that your personal items are secure while you jostle around the playground, grocery store or braving the elements whilst trying to soothe your fussy baby means there is one less thing to worry about.

My only wish is that Cozy-Dry Baby Rain cover was available when I had my first baby. It is the number one item that I gift to my friends at their baby showers as it is the gift that keeps on giving.

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