The Summers Life

Fuss-Free Kids Sun Protection

Sun safety tips for all ages


For Vancouverites, unreliable weather is the norm and this year’s unexpected April heat wave had us thinking about cute summer outfits, kid-friendly outings, and of course, kids sun protection unseasonably early. It’s always nice to be out in the sun, but little ones get affected by the heat and sun much easier than we do. They’re still learning how to regulate and recognize the signs of overheating, and their little bodies need more fuel and fluids. With clouds in the forecast for the next week or two, now’s the perfect time to gear up with kids sun protection so we’re ready when the sustained summer heat really hits! Here are some sun safety tips to keep your kiddos having fun in the sun all day long.






  1. Choose UPF-rated clothing. It’s the easiest way to keep their skin protected from the sun, especially if you’re going in the water. Unlike sunscreen, there’s no mess and no need to reapply! You want to look for at least 30+, and good news is all Jan & Jul’s swimwear are UPF 50+ wet or dry.

  2. Wear a hat and sunglasses. These are essential for kids sun protection! Jan & Jul has sun hats that are UPF 50+ rated, and you can find them in water-repellent quick drying fabrics too, that we love for the beach or waterpark. Their kids sunglasses are super cute and basically unbreakable.

  3. Stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle or even freeze your water bottle overnight, so that it slowly melts during the day. You’ll always have a cold drink at the ready! Make sure your waterbottle is freeze friendly. We find the camel bak water bottles good for this purpose, the sport spouts are easy for the kids to use, are leak proof and the overall weight of the bottle is little to none.

  4. Pack hydrating snacks. Not just any old snacks, but water-rich foods such as fruits and vegetables will help little ones stay healthy and hydrated… and ok, I guess you can pack some of your favourite chips too 🙂

  5. When you get there, pick a shaded spot. Even better, bring a lightweight pop-up sun tent and bring the shade with you! We have the Lightspeed Catalina Speed Shelter, its lighter than a camping chair but big enough for our family of 5.

I hope these tips on kids sun protection and sun safety were helpful! Now get out and enjoy the sun!