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Top Most Used Baby Items

Now that they baby has arrived, the question is what items do you actually need?


Photography by Lily Anh Bui

Photography by Lily Anh Bui

Being a first time parent is daunting, heck becoming a parent anytime is enough of a big deal itself. The last thing you want to be overwhelmed with is, that thing, that is supposed to, suck snot out of the baby’s nose to ease their nasal congestion. I promise you there is such a thing. And as flu season approaches us, more and more parents will be getting their little snot suckers out, literally.

It has been 4 months since baby Kovah has entered our lives. Who’s bright idea was it to start their own blog in their last trimester of pregnancy??? On the plus side, the time has allowed me to really venture down memory lane with the most useful baby items. Some of the items are from when we had our first child, Remy and it has either lasted since or has been repurchased because it was so well used.


Top most used baby items

  1. Car Seat – Clek Fllo

  2. Nursing Chair – Monte Designs, Como Glider

  3. Nursing Pillow – Luna Lullaby

  4. Bassinet – Tadpoleshome

  5. Burp Cloths – I used small square cotton muslin ones, here are some on etsy

  6. Baby Carrier – I have used Ergobaby, Tula, wraps and ring slings from Lenny lamb and Didymos

  7. Stroller – I have been through to many to count, my current is the Mountain Buggy +One

  8. Bottle Drying rack – Boon Grass by TOMY

  9. Glass Bottles – Life Factory Bottles

  10. Baby Chair Bouncer – Baby Bjorn Bouncer