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Our latest commercial is out

Iola on set, getting her hair done.

Iola on set, getting her hair done.

I am excited to share with you Iola’s latest commercial with Similac! See if you can spot her dancing around your’s truly, sporting my baby bump.

From Iola’s first commercial with Moen at 13 weeks, to her latest commercial with Similac, our little family now has an expanding acting resumé.

Our kids naturally fell into the commercial world due to my partner and I going out for auditions. When Remy came along, we would bring him with us, and casting agents took notice of his funny banter. I am biased, so I would say it is hard to not listen to his little voice but the things that would come out would just amaze people, he was an early talker and spoke like a confident little man beyond his age.
It wasn’t long before a casting agents added him to their roster. Luckily a good friend of ours works for a renown agency Premiere Talent Management.

Remy’s first commercial was with Uncle Bens. Most commercials are for the US, but we get access to them via the interweb. It was a fun, memorable day spent together, just Remy and I (my commercial debut as well).

Iola’s first commercial. You can’t see her face, however you can see the top of her head and her foot. Only her Mumma would recognise it. Thankfully those small visible parts mean she got the feature role payout!

Here is Iola’s latest commercial with Similac, the Promise Project.