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Plush Ninja Turtle Shell

Make one that is not a single use plastic play toy!


Every kid enjoys role playing of their favourite cartoon character, and who are we as parents to deny that imaginary play, an important right of passage for a kid?!
Like many of you out there, I am sure your house slowly gets overtaken by the mountains of toys, building blocks and play materials. At our house we try to keep it to a minimum, when new toys come in, old toys are selected to be donated.



Last Halloween the kids wanted to be ninja turtles. I began my search at the thrift stores, facebook market place and craigslist, slowly coming to the conclusion that they were hard to come by. Resorting to online shopping, I realised that most of the shells were either painted on or vacuum moulded pieces of plastic which I was not willing to pay for. Pulling myself out of laziness, I googled D.I.Y. ninja turtle shells and came across a youtube tutorial she even had the paper patterns!
Thank you PaperChaser!


I made the masks from felt I got from the dollar store. I made the pattern myself just through trial and error, the eye mask took a little longer, you just have to gauge the distance between the eyeballs and make sure the holes are big enough to see through.


The shells took the longest, cutting is always the longest part, and pinning too! I did two of everything and then began the process of sewing them together on Tyler’s Great Aunts Vintage Singer Sewing machine. The overall sewing part for both shells was just under an hour (30 minutes for each.) I would say the whole shell part took about an hour each to make, the tricky part is attaching the straps in the right place so that when you flip the whole shell inside out, they appear on the right side and attached.


We found the props at the dollar store. Lucky for Remy we had some green pyjamas and turned them inside out, Iola was less worried about her clothes and more excited about her shell so we just paired some plain green pants with a black top and she was ready to go!