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Top 5 Must Have’s For Baby!

10 Days until the Expected Due Date!

Photo by Lily Anh Bui

Photo by Lily Anh Bui


It has been two weeks and two days since I went on maternity leave and frantically nesting as my parents recover from jet lag, so they can be ready to jump in when the time comes.

I really thought that this baby was going to be early. Being my third pregnancy, I have been carrying low the entire time which also makes my bump look larger than it is, it is also a lot more squishier for a lot longer in comparison to your first. When carrying low others can’t help but comment on baby’s expected due date being sooner rather than later, hence my hopes getting high. Don’t be fooled! All pregnancies are different and individual just like each person is unique.

Now that I am pretty much prepared for the impending arrival of our newest family member, most of my last minute errands have been ticked off. I thought I would give myself some time to reflect on the baby gear that I have had and used through the years. Which items I would deem necessary and which ones have continuously served us since baby no.1.

The necessary items

  1. Car seat

  2. Baby carrier

  3. Nursing chair

  4. Bassinet/Crib

  5. Stroller


Iola in her Clek Fllo and the Infant Thingy

Car Seats

Most soon to be parents know that you cannot leave a hospital without a car seat, I believe there is an exception if you are traveling home by foot.
Did you know that there are two types of car seats that you are able to choose from?
An infant car seat, this only rear faces and carries infants from 4 pounds to 35 pounds and 32 inches in height, whichever the child reaches first. These numbers change depending on the brand of car seat. The other option is a convertible car seat which starts off as rear facing but as the child grows, it can then be switched to forward facing. The weight range for these types of car seats is usually from 5 pounds and up to 65 pounds and 49 inches, again whichever the child reaches first and depending on the car seat brand.
For more information on carseat regulations for different provinces, read my article on the latest carseat regulations.

We were gifted a maxi-cosi infant car seat with Remy but we purchased the Clek Fllo for Iola and recently just bought another for baby no.3.

Iola in the Ergo Baby Infant Insert

Baby Carriers

This is not for everyone, but from my own personal experience with my child and from helping new parents when I worked at the baby store, I think timing is key. Parents who bought one with the intention to use it and used it as soon as they could, found that the child loved it. Parents who came in later on as a solution to give their aching arms a rest, found that the child resisted to the carrier more.
My theory, not scientific by any means at all, is. Babies love being carried, it is all that they have ever known. For 9 months they have been surrounded in a compact warm environment. There are a lot of similarities to the womb when an infant is in a carrier, not only are they warmer but they can hear your heart beat and smell you too.

Confession time, I am a baby carrier enthusias. My first baby carrier was the Original Ergo Baby Carrier. It went everywhere with us, even on our 3 month parental leave to Asia and Europe. Since Iola, I got into wraps which is a WHOLE other ball game but mainly for the fact that they were less bulkier than the buckle carrier of the ergo baby. My gateway into them was the Solly Baby Wrap Carrier. This took me down the rabbit hole to woven wraps, different from the stretchy wraps. My first woven wrap was from Didymos and then lennylamb, I found these brands were on the more affordable end. Tula is a brand that does both buckle carriers, ring slings, wraps and everything inbetween, I was sold on them because I loved the ease of my buckle carrier but the Tula’s were less bulkier than the Ergo. They also have super cute prints!
My most recent carrier purchase was from Sakura Bloom which does beautiful simple, carriers. I got an onbuhimo to accommodate my growing bump.


Iola perched on our Monte Como

Iola perched on our Monte Como

Nursing Chairs

It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be comfortable and tall enough that you can rest your head. You will want a foot rest too so that your legs are level, pins and needles or as Remy likes to say ’fuzzy toes’ is the last thing you want after a night feed.
I have to admit, the reason why this is on my list is because I did not have a proper nursing chair for the first 3 months. I tried to make do with what we had. A comfy chair to sit in when one is wide awake and being social. It was not good for those mid night feeds where you don’t intentionally nod off but can’t help yourself as you are not used to, nor will you ever get used to the disrupted 3 hour window or less of sleep that you are allowed.

My first nursing chair the Ikea Poäng Chair, more than served its purpose and for a very affordable price. I love the design of the Monte Gliders, this was gifted to us for the birth of Iola. Even if I wasn’t gifted it, this is one item that I would most definitely splurge on. Considering the hours spent in it. It is 100% worth it. Not only is it the chair that everyone fights over, I guarantee you will be able to find one that you can continue to use post baby phase and have it blend in with the rest of your home.


Our Current Nursey Set up with a mini crib


Whether you decide to co-sleep or not, the baby still needs somewhere sleep safely. Some strollers come with bassinets but not all are sleep approved by Health Canada. If the stroller you purchase does come with a sleep approved bassinet, bonus!
When we lived in a condo we opted for a mini crib, like a full sized crib just smaller and usually it converts to a twin later on if you purchase the extension parts. By the time Iola was born we lived in a 3 storey town house, we had a Moses basket bassinet on the main floor and the mini crib in our room.
The latest solution to both co-sleepers and non co-sleepers seem to be the snugglemeorganic. I’ll be getting one of these, you can use it pretty much anywhere.



Again this one is of personal preference. Most prefer to purchase one to go with their infant car seat as a complete travel system, others purchase for the bassinet and if you are like me you are just excited to get one!
Confession number 2, not only am I a baby carrier junkie, I am also stroller obsessed! I rushed to purchase my first stroller, trying to find an affordable one as Remy was conceived earlier than planned. Long story short I ended up buying and selling a few different ones or maybe eleven, I think? Honestly buying a stroller is like choosing a car, there are so many options. My one advise is, really think about the different scenarios you will be using the stroller in. Are you going be lifting it in and out of the car, going for long walks, traveling, etc. There is not one that will tick off all your boxes but there will be some that come close!
My favourite ones that I have used and tried are the Uppababy Cruz, Mountain Buggy Swift and Bugaboo Bee.

Since having these, the models have all been updated. I will do another post later on going into a bit more details around strollers. Including why I have chosen the Mountain Buggy +One for this time round.


This post is longer than I expected, I will stop here and do another post with the baby products that have continued to serve us since baby no.1.

Happy reading, I hope this helps!