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Visit Seattle with Kids


Our 4 Days in Seattle with the Family


Day 1

Arrive at Lowes 1000 hotel in the heart of Seattle. Feeling peckish after a “long drive” (it’s always long with kids.) We grabbed some delicious food from the All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar conveniently located off the lobby of the Hotel.
They did not disappoint! Kids were immediately settled with some crayons and drawings as we ordered them gourmet burgers which then gave us time to decide on some mouthwatering dishes ourselves.
We tried the Bouillabaisse and the Alaskan Halibut Tacos.


After getting acquainted with our Executive King Suite and taking some time to decompress (Dad and the grandparents had naps.). Lucky for me Visit Seattle gave us a generous goody bag filled with pencil crayons and colouring books along with our City Passes, the kids were entertained whilst I unpacked and prepared for our late afternoon adventure to the Space Needle.

The Space Needle  was a 20 min walk from the hotel, the kids had their Micro scooters with them which made the walk even faster. We planned to arrive for the sunset hour, we were able to see the city view during the day, catch the sunset and then see the city lights before we descend back down to land. 



Day 2


We were just a few steps away from Pike Place Market, we headed down there for brunch and a mosey around before recouping back at the Hotel to hop into the car heading to the Museum of Pop Culture (MOPOP) and Chihuly Garden and Glass.
We finished off the day with dinner at Le Messe.

MOPOP – has a great outdoor playground for toddlers and older kids, the soft ground and colours made it very inviting, especially if you get a birds eye view from the Space Needle During the day. The kids loved the sound lab where their little hands were free to attempt a variety of musical instruments and technology, the highlight for them was the sound proof recording rooms that were set up so you can just jam away.

Chihuly Garden & Glass is remarkable! I have to admit I was a little anxious with the kiddos at first but they were just as mesmerized as we were, we managed to time it for the younger ones nap which worked out even better. At the end of the day it is still a museum so it was quiet and calm, if the little one was awake I would have kept her in the stroller if she let me or have her hold my hand. It is definitely a calming activity.



Le Messe was a drive away from the city centre in what appeared to be an upcoming hipster area. Located in the midst of new developments, Le Messe had a crisp clean look and feel with a touch of cosiness. It was like going to an up scale version of Rocky Mountain Flatbread but fancier and minus the kids play space. My kids enjoy full flavour pasta, I ordered them the Rigatoni minus the chilli and it was a hit!


Day 3

It was time to hit the Seattle Aquarium which was a 20 minute walk from the hotel, we strolled along the waterfront park and caught a glimpse of the Ferris wheel which got the kids excited! Pike Place Market was so good and happened to be right by the aquarium that we went back for lunch, and afterwards picked up some fresh fruit and baked goodies for a late night snack in the evening.
Our afternoon activities included visiting the Museum of Flight and dinner at Flintcreek Cattle co.


Seattle Aquarium immediately greets you with a gigantic fishtank wall, and it just so happened to be feeding time when we arrived and were able to witness a diver in the tank!
It felt like the kids spent a whole hour or more at the open sea anemone pools, inspecting and sensing the variety of species. I managed to lure them away to the Octopus exhibit, the habitat formation allowed you to fully view them, it was fascinating! Outdoors they had sea otters, sea lions, salmon and so much more, the layout of the space is not too large but keeps you engaged.

At the Museum of Flight, I think my Dad had the most fun, at least now I can say that I have been on board a Concord! We got there with an hour to spare before closing, even though it was only a 10 min drive from the city centre. The kids loved the big planes hanging above them and being able to sit in the cockpit of a fighter jet!
For younger kids, the outside hanger with the decommissioned planes is the place to go. You get to go inside the aircrafts and see the sections which you don’t usually see, an old Air Force One, a Concord, the first Boeing 747. The climb up to the aircrafts were excitement in itself for them!


Dinner at Flintcreek Cattle co was the perfect end to a perfect day; we made it in time for our reservation as the sun was setting. I wished we had headed down to Greenwood Ave earlier to explore the boutique shops, I probably saved myself a few pennies, though.
The space was warm and inviting with the mezzanine seating, exposed beams and loft windows letting the last rays of sunshine in. Kids were calm and content as they were provided with some crayons and pictures to colour. This allowed us to examine the menu and decide what we wanted to fill our bellies with.


Day 4

Photo from Eat in Seattle

Photo from Eat in Seattle

We had Breakfast at Rider. They had the most delicious Ellenos Yogurt Doughnuts with maple syrup, jam and hazelnut butter, it was mouth watering! Make sure you go there hungry as the portions are generous but oh so delicious! Between the four adults and two kids, we ordered a few items to share, thinking that we would demolish it all, we actually had to take some home, it was all so filling.
We sauntered back to the Hotel, walking of the extra pounds we had gained during our time at Rider. The concierge at Lowes had moved our luggage out of our room and packed them in the car for us. All we had to do was hop into the car, load the kids and drive towards home. Of course I had to stop off at the outlet on the drive back to Vancouver, it was after all my first visit to Seattle.